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  • Starting at the age of 6; children, adolescents, and adults enter instruction in the Vaganova syllabus (the Russian method). Being the base of all forms of dance, it begins at the barre and ending in the center. Here students will undergo an intense training in musicality, movement, strength training, flexibility, artistry, and expression. Contrary to popular opinion, ballet instruction in the Vaganova method increases range of motion instead of rendering dancers stiff in their movements.

  • This class is exclusively for children ages 3 to 5, the Pre-Ballet class is an introduction to ballet. In this class, children learn basic steps, movements, and positions of ballet while maintaining a base of rhythm, musicality, and interpretation all in a playful and stimulating environment.

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  • This class is the perfect complement to ballet. Incorporating floor work, work at the barre and center, this class allows you to strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and increase the range of your movements. An hour and a half of pure happiness that brings together an all-in-one class of ballet, modern jazz, Latin dance and Haitian folklore.

  • This course is for adults who want to discover the art of classical dance. There is no age to indulge in the discipline of ballet. No experience is required for this course. This course teaches the basics of classical dance and allows you to develop your flexibility, your balance and your rhythm.

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