Our Mission

Our Primary Mission

Our greatest mission is to expose, educate, and influence to appreciate the art of classical ballet providing a discipline applicable to all walks of life.

The Vision of the School and the Company

Our vision is to train talented Quebec youth in classical dance and other forms of dance up to a international level while maintaining the objective to allow these young dancers to join the professional dance company named Ballet Eddy Toussaint. Not forgetting, such a professional company that allows them to make a living; it’s important to keep our talented youth in Quebec.

The company is nonprofit organization directed by Mr. Timothy Tompkins, gold medal winner on the international dance scene… The company comprises two entities under the same umbrella: The Ballet Tompkins composed of professional dancers who perform neoclassical works…

Our dancers are classically trained first and this commendable task is the result of our school's work.

The École de Danse Tompkins is the second entity that serves for the topnotch training of our dancers for the company based on the Russian method Vaganova which has trained the greatest dancers in the world (Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Mikhail Baryshnikov , Alexander Vetrov, Olga Pavlova, etc ...).

Our Distinction

What sets us apart from other Quebec dance schools is that all the funds raised by the school are used to pay the dancers of the company. It must be understood that Mr. Tompkins gives his name, his time and his ballets free of charge to the company, because he firmly believes that Quebec should have a new and different voice for Classical Ballet.